Nine Months Matter is a public service campaign organized by UC San Diego’s Center for Better Beginnings in partnership with SoCal NOFAS and the Better Beginnings Coalition.

Increasing our community’s knowledge of how prenatal alcohol exposure affects a developing baby is our mission. This community awareness initiative is led by Dr. Ken Jones, distinguished professor and world-renowned pediatrician at UC San Diego.

Over forty years ago, Dr. Jones and his mentor, Dr. David Smith, were the first to describe Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Dr. Jones’ pioneering research and work with families across the globe is truly a San Diego treasure–but there is still much work to do here in our own community.

Nine Months Matter is a program of UC San Diego’s Center for Better Beginnings, a division within the Department of Pediatrics that is dedicated to reducing preventable birth defects. We house a special program focused on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) screening, research and education, called the Institute for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Discovery (IFASDD). Learn more about IFASDD by visiting our website. To reach a prenatal alcohol exposure specialist, call our clinic at 858.246.0047 or speak to a program information representative at 858.822.3785.

Please help us share that nine months matter!